The collective noun for a group of Sea Otters is a raft. Otter Estates is always looking to grow our 'raft'.

Our passion for property and strong focus on people sets our team apart. We don`t see buying, selling and renting as processes. For us, they form part of important, life-changing moments. The fact that we`re highly responsive to change makes this an incredibly exciting and inspiring place to either start or develop your career in real estate.

If you're thinking 'yes' to the following three statements, then regardless of your experience in the real estate industry, you 'otter' get in touch with Christopher or Renato.

  • I really love the vision of this real estate company.
  • My values really align with those of this real estate company.
  • I think I'd be able to challenge myself and really grow with this real estate company.

Maybe it's time to join a real estate agency like no otter!

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